Thursday, 18 November 2010

An Ode To Rice Pudding

It was supposed to be an easy dish, 
destined to feed 35 people, but you didn`t make it, I didn`t give you time for the 12:30 deadline!
You should have been mouth wateringly creamy with a zingy nutmeg topping, but you were still swishing about with your rice still hard and not edible.
It wasn`t my fault - the cookers were not working, I tried to rescue you, but you did not rise to the challenge.
You see, it was not only the cookers that let you down, but I failed to add on the extra hours to compliment your dish. 
You should have taken 4 hours to cook, but it was nearly 7 before you had your crispy topping, I`m so sorry.
All those people that ended up with undercooked apple crumble instead and not the succulent rice pudding that was promised.

Well, I couldn`t let you go, you were too good to go elsewhere, but by eck, 4 days later and topped with jam or honey and the odd extra cream, you went in our tummy all 35 portions between the three of us!

So the moral of the story is never let anything that`s worth waiting for go to waste, enjoy and savour it!
Now for the recipe!


For 4 portions!

50g Short grain rice
25g Sugar
1 pint of milk
25g cream (for that creamy touch!)
A Sprinkling of Nutmeg or Cinnamon for the topping


Heat the oven on gas mark 2.
Place the short grain rice, sugar, milk and cream in a heatproof dish and sprinkle the nutmeg or cinnamon on the top and place in oven and cook for     2 - 2:30 hrs and enjoy!

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  1. I am so sorry to say that I've had either rice pudding or something similar and just can't work up a taste for it. But the apple crumble sounds great! :-) Have a good weekend.