Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Meet And Greet The Zwartbles!

They are a wonderful fluffy flock,
Tall and a hardy stock.
They originate from Friesland, Holland, But are wonderful to handle and can be very sociable and friendly sheep, as you are about to see.
We went to Worcester to bid for a few, and came back with three all willing and friendly, they walked out with me with no tether or rope, trusting my friendly, guiding hand and voice at a stroke.
And with Jane and Marks soothing comfort it was a breeze to get these new ones home.

But their journey started somewhere else, another loving farm, we could tell.

But the next point of call was the auction house where the farmers bid for new stock, whether for breeding or sadly for a few the pot!

With Mark and Jane looking pensively  on, they wanted the best and friendliest of stock.

People think that sheep are dumb, but just like humans they are characters too!

When the three were bought, they were only gently coaxed through, as though they new they were going to pastures sturdy and true. 

They would soon mix with other friends

And just like Marshmallow here, enjoy a good scratch and a cuddle!

How close can you get to a sheep without it running off?
 The three are now settled, one is called "come in No 10", the other Phylis and the other, well, you decide, it is a girl and she is in lamb, so a nice name won`t go amiss!


  1. The sheep are beautiful!! So glad you posted these pictures. I wonder if my husband would get me one of these for Christmas. LOL My suggestion for a name is Ewela Mae. :-) Wouldn't I love to visit a sheep auction!

  2. Nice set of varied pictures describing the post. The only occasion I know sheep come to me was when it wanted to help itself to my sandwiches at the summit of Pillar mountain in the Lakes District.... I couldn't keep it away, it was persistant.