Monday, 9 August 2010

Whitby To Scarborough And The Railway Track

The final leg of our epic journey would take us from Whitby and back to Scarborough along an old disused railway track that now provides a good walkers paradise of almost flat, comfortable walking ground.

The Marathon had not taken too much out of me, which I was pleasantly surprised and glad to be back walking again!
I was still surprised by the pleasant weather we were still encountering and some of the photographs I have taken reflect this, with glorious sunrises envying those of some distant foreign land.
Willow and I had started out in early february 2009 and completed these trails by mid-October and soon it would be time to get to a little normality of going to work and finding somewhere to stay for the winter, but now this journey ends and a new beginning was about to....... well, begin!


  1. Whitby Abbey must be one of the ultimate silhouettes to capture in a photograph.

  2. Yes it is and I was very fortunate with the light. Night time was also good as it is lit up, but my little digi camera was no match for it, needed something like an SLR or stronger megapixels.

  3. I've lost count of the number of times in recent days that I've been tempted to re-visit Whitby, I can't seem to fit it in at the moment. It would be a shame, because of the photos you have displayed here, just to squeeze it into a late morning/saturday afternoon trip.

  4. Try and visit it when it gets a little cooler or with snow on the ground, it really does come alive with photography then. If you get the chance you`ll see what I mean.