Saturday, 28 August 2010

Rutland Water

Rutland Water is a man made lake that was formed about 50 years ago.
There are several walking routes that go around the lake and it is very popular with cyclists.
The activities are immense with balloon rides, golf, visiting the nature reserve and Ospreys, everything for people to enjoy and some great meals to be had at the Horse and Jockey or the Old Pheasant, or pop into Oakham on market day, it is a bustling little town.

 Birds of all kinds resting for the evening on the "lonely tree"

This photograph was taken through a telescope and shows two young Osprey perched on or near their nest.

AAAh! one of the many encounters with the neighbours!
 Once upon a time there were three little piggies.......!
 Poppies are everywhere sometimes they resemble a sea of red in the wheat fields, but are poigniant reminders on November 11th.
strange clouds gather everywhere.
This cloud was unusual as it was raining in the cloud but it never fell to the ground.....
 A lovely sight to be seen
 An unusual visitor attraction....
A new mum, Gloucester Old Spot and young piglets.....
 A new calf...
 One of the many shows that are shown here every year and you get to see some unusual stunts going on
The young feathered variety still waddling around.

So you see Rutland is a hive of activity and well worth a visit.

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