Monday, 9 August 2010

The Mighty Meal

In Burniston, just outside of Scarborough is a little pub called the Three Jolly Sailors and they have a challenge that if anyone can eat the mighty mixed grill, you get a prize.....
Well, I had to try - didn`t I?
With faithful companion under the table salivating at the prospect of a stray sausage or pork chop landing on the floor in her direction, I looked at the load upon the plate and thought Oh My God!
No one had done it yet, but I love challenges!

I think my face says it all here!
But after nearly 2hrs of chumping, drinking, gurgling and fermenting well, I did it! And the prize?
A key ring!
Well, I was happy, Willow too, but for 2 weeks I couldn`t eat a full meal, never again!
Self Indulgence is not good for you!

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