Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Many a good photograph is taken whilst people are out and about and it doesn`t matter what it is, you`ll always have a keepsake.

I had been very fortunate with the weather, majority of the time with glorious sunshine, but it can land you with boring photographs.

During our trip, I have tried to cover the unusual, wildlife, landscape, buildings/architecture etc, but anyone can turn a mundane photograph into a work of art - a masterpiece.

Photography can tell a story for you if you can`t find the words and sometimes a picture needs no words at all.

Have a look through this little gallery and see how simple it is and when taking photographs, be bold, just look and snap, there is no trick photography here or digital enhancements as i`m not a professional photographer, but I do love the photographs I take and they are reminders for me - should I forget a trip.

Some pictures are of the shores, the sky at night or bridges, newly built.

Go ahead and enjoy your photography!

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