Saturday, 6 April 2013

Paignton And Torquay Devon

With so many areas surrounded by water, I wasn`t sure we would get away for our holiday, but we did!

Early December proved to be quite a time to travel, hoping we could still get to our destination following the news reports and footage of the deluges that had fallen (and not abated) around the country.

We came through somerset and witnessed swollen and drenched fields and rivers that no one seemed to know where one began and the other ended and I was almost certain that the trains had dingy`s for the rest of the journey!
But we needn`t have worried.
Arriving late on a damp, cold evening so it was a pleasure to reach the Marine Hotel in Paignton, where Willow and myself had stayed 3 years before.
It was nice to see some of the old staff that had stayed and fond memories returned.
The next day was a world away from the water drenched fields we had passed, but the weather was still true to form, cold and occasionally wet!

Taking an early morning walk still showed the moody sky in all its glory.
The smell of the sea air refreshing, but a question still remained - will we ever see the sun shine again and give us that little cheer we all crave?

Answer : It is an enigma and one we cannot forecast!

But alas, as dawn turned to daylight, a glimmer and the rainbow shone through the dark clouds, lighting up the dreary skyline that we were all fed up.

We walked from Paignton peer and onto Torquay which was only 5 miles away.

Armed with a good brolly in tow for the odd sharp downpoor, the walk along the beach is pleasant and you don`t notice the mileage until it starts to rain!

We went on into Torquay and walked across the harbour bridge, dodging the threateningly dark skies, passing the sealion centre.

This old victorian town boasts all victorian mod cons, such as the glass house building below... 

Torquay pier shines forboding in the stormy skies, defying rough tides that lash against its walls...

Its high street, though quiet on this wet day, but during the summer is a hive of activity, showing of its unusual building structures and old town traditions.

And below, a walk back from Torquay with sun finally shining, a refreshing stroll  would at last be our reward...


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