Friday, 5 April 2013

Burghley Park, Stamford

 We last came to Burghley Park a couple of years ago, not much has changed.
Its grand splendour in building design still stands proudly awaiting visitors from around the world to explore its vast park and even vast interior of the building.

It is a short walk from stamford town centre, though you may wish to drive to the car park!

Every July it houses the Burghley Proms in the park, which is fantastic to see with its fireworks, live music and finishing with its 200 canon blast to the 1812 overture.
Take a walk around the extensive grounds and see how many different deer you can see, but don`t expect to get too close!!

Here`s a little one that became very inquisitive and didn`t seem to mind any four legged friend that came on by.

And this one was laughing at its own joke!!

What d`you call a deer with no eyes?
I don`t no, what do you call a deer with no eyes?
No Idea Ha haha!!!

Burghley Park (like so much of the area) is stooped in history and the majority of the grounds have various trees which are over 400years olds and some are supported by stakes because of its branch thickness, but have a good old look around, take a picnic (preferably with a big brolly with the good old British weather!) and enjoy a good day out.

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