Friday, 5 April 2013

Bonfire Night at Barrowden

In the heart of Rural Lincolnshire is a small village called Barrowden.
We have done many a walk around this area, so we decided to come back for  bonfire night in November last year and it was a sight to see.
Where did all the people come? It is only a tiny village - but had been well advertised as it hosted its fireworks a week later to others.
The ground was boggy with many a person in their wellies, but no-one cared, at least it was dry when other events had been called of due to bad weather the week before.
But little Barrowden showed what the meaning of country spirit was and they held their buckets up for people to put what they wanted in (donations are made to keep things like the fireworks and community going) with amples of warm mulled wine with their own (quite literally)2 inch thick beefburgers, sausages (cheap as chips they were!) with just as big baps going down well, it was time to get on with the show.

With a good burning guy upon the heaped up mound of burning wood, it was the place where people wished to keep warm.
 And with some of the noisy bangers and spectacular lights lighting up the night sky, it was enjoyable to watch.

The catherine wheel takes a little time to whizz its  way round.
It had been a while since we were last at a firework show, and it was worth it.
Ten minutes later and it was over, all too soon...
But! There is a good Pub where everyone seemed to be making their way to, so we followed the crowd and to the pub we went for a decent pint, but declined the home made food that was on offer - One burger too many me thinks!!

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