Saturday, 12 March 2011

Oakham Heritage Trail

Distance : 2 miles
Time : However long you want to explore!

Although the walk is only 2 miles long and follows the old parts of Oakham market and routes taken by people to bring cattle and follows where once the castle walls were, but have over time, disappeared, it gives a unique insight into the smallest county in the U.K and shows how life has prospered and was and still is one of the most affluent areas to live and work.

My journey starts with a hearty breakfast at the Castle Cottage Cafe, tucked away, it drew my attention and I wasn`t disappointed!
With friendly staff and a big breakfast ordered, I was then ready to waddle around the walk!
You can`t get lost and there is a heritage walk guide book that can be purchased.
The roads and paths do have signs and that is all I did, just follow the signs and the walk came naturally!
With the walk going down some Obscure places, there is an element of mystery surrounding some of the places, but you will have to look yourselves to find out.
I wanted to put a map and route on here, but due to copyright (even though I would only be explaining where to walk) I am forbidden to write it, so I hope the pictures will help in viewing the walk.

With an enticing sign, I walked in......

I was not prepared for this and all for under £9.00!
My walk started at the Castle, although it looked more like a church, but in medieval times, it was an important building, although it is not known how long it dates back, possibly as early as 980 ad.
Inside the castle are countless horseshoes, all given by peers, dignitaries and Monarchs passing through Oakham as a forfeit or homage to the town, even Our Majesty the Queen has a horseshoe here.
All Saints Church
There are a few signs, keeping you on track of the trail.
This was known as the Butter Cross.....

The stocks have everyone baffled..
These pair of pure white doves didn`t mind where they nested, in the roof of the Butter Cross, though far enough from the weird stocks!
An old watering tap...
The thatched roof of a cottage. This residence has its own story.....
The cottages story....
Site of the old Gaol, that was here in the mid 1400`s and demolished in the 1800`s
Details of Dean`s street history
The Old Grammar school.
Graffiti dating back 400 years is still visible today on the outside.
Remainders of the castle wall barely visible
Is spring arriving? They are not bluebells though.
For a good meal or a pint, why not try the Wheatsheaf  or the Odd House Tavern (below)
It is exactly that, the Odd House, but it does good meals and serves a welcome pint!


  1. I love all the signs! Wish I could be there, taking that walk. Thanks for the post. :-)

  2. Great information, pictures and walk. Another place that I didn't know existed. That feast would set you up for the day. I am currently looking into the possibility of publishing maps for routes but unsure of the direction to take. I have asked a few walkers on blogger but have not had any suitable reply.