Monday, 7 March 2011

Ketton, Rutland

Now that spring is nearly here and fitness getting upto levels I`m used to, it is refreshing to be out and about and finding new places to visit.
Ketton in Rutland is just one such place.
Ketton is 3 miles from Stamford and 9 miles from Oakham and has one of the major routes running through it, the A6121.
It was formed in 1894 when the old quarry works were founded, Ketton stone.  The church here is over 800 years old, although Ketton village itself is relatively new.
It has a population of nearly 3000, so quite small in comparison to other rural villages.
It used to be part of Lincolnshire until Rutland expanded and Ketton became part of it, though many wish it was still in Lincolnshire as Rutlands council tax rates are extortionate (councillors not getting paid enough!)
Although most of the land is owned by Ketton cement, it provides work for local businesses and gives access to walkways and plant a great many trees, but with expansion comes turbulance as the locals don`t want it to expand and the explosions that occur daily can be felt, indeed shaking the foundations of many a  house, but it is necessary and no houses have fallen! 
Ketton stone and cement are in huge demand and like Portland stone has a proud history of buildings that last and stand the test of time.
Some of the farms here have been earmarked to be reduced to rubble and housing estates built in their place, which is worry but as the population expands so does the need for housing, but it is still not very p.c I must say.
However, the cement works do have public days, where you can find out about its history and future plans and with the stone evident in the surrounding buildings, you can see why it is in popular demand.
Like most places at present, places are closing down due to the recession, but building does continue and with the local school and library doing well and the local post office/village store providing a service second to none, this little village keeps alive a majestic rural finesse that draws many a visitor here.
There are plenty of walks to enjoy and the church to visit and the two local pubs to eat and drink in (the Northwick and Railway Inn)
Ketton is also famous for a huge bat cave and boasts many different species of bat.
Kites, kestrels, woodpeckers and barn owls frequent the surrounding countryside and deserted buildings can be found tucked away giving evidence of an earlier settlement.

An old mill still standing
The cement works and newly planted trees
A walkway through fields
Before the quarry works moved, new walkways were opened
A handy store that serves the village well 
The Library
And the school
The old Police House
Willow`s glad to be out and about!
The immense works that stretch for miles...
And miles......
The Railway Inn and The old church in the background
Gravestones mark the walkways near the church
800 years old and still standing
The first bridge and church
If your not done, I`ll take myself a walk!
Ketton may not be on many peoples lips to visit, but if you are passing and want strangers to say hello and how are you, then come and visit, it is a friendly little place.........

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  1. Nice variety photo post and good to see Willow again after the Winter break.