Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Challenge

Hello, I`m raising funds for Children With Leukaemia.
A charity that is close to my heart I`ve set myself a challenge:

I`m cycling from Inverness (highlands of Scotland) to Durness (Northwest tip of Scotland) taking part in The Cape Wrath Challenge (a week of various distance runs) and cycling back to Inverness, a distance totalling 260 miles.
Sadly my faithful companion will not be accompanying me, but I shall be in constant touch and keeping a daily blog I hope, dependant on signal.
The event starts on 12th May and ends 24th May

If anyone would like to sponsor me that would be great or just follow the exploits and see what I conjure up food wise!
Please visit: if you would like to sponsor me, Thankyou Karen xx


  1. That sounds like a challenge and a half. I wish you well.

  2. Sounds like a very worthy endeavor!

    I love the header photo. Your dog is shaped just like my Misty, although she is colored like a lab and shepherd and has a spotted tongue! We've always wondered what kind of mix she is.

    The Greek yogurt truly is so simple to make, definitely worth doing. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the comment.