Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Sheep And The Birds!

With a slightly milder approach and things beginning to thaw out, we were once again braced for the arctic weather and both the sheep and birds will need an extra hand.

Both Jane and Mark have coped admirally from the idiots who stole from them, keeping their chins up and still helping people like myself, their selfless act should be rewarded, not hindered or devalued.
When I was coming back from Melton Mowbray (the pork pie capital of the world, the best pork pies ever!) our train had been delayed by 45 minutes after thieves stole cabling disrupting all services to the south of the uk.
But thankfully, the sheep and birds, along with other livestock are being well looked after.
It is only whilst I`ve been working on the farm I see how they (Jane and Mark) take pride in everything, something we all take for granted and I hope I can pick up on their good traits (may take a while!)
They treat all their animals with a kindness and reassurance I`ve not seen before, the animals trust them, they walk over to them and take food from them and are even fussed by them, I`m learning and yep, the sheep now come to me for a fuss aswell as food, and it really is quite an uplifting moment to know your animals trust you........

 Tuck in girls, whilst we have the sunshine
 Family outing!
Who needs a sheepdog? not us, just call them and walk them.....
 As the cold weather returns, our feathered friends need help too...
A bullfinch enjoying the pile of logs
And finally food, melted fat and peanuts and both are happy!

Lets look after them both this year and we`ll have more next year!

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  1. I love the pics of sheep. The most beautiful sheep I've ever seen were in England. Do they bleat with a British accent? ;-) I love to hear of people being kind to their animals. Think of all they do for us! (and never go on strike!)