Friday, 1 January 2010

Wrygarth Inn to Hull

Bang! a gun could be heard, then several more bangs in the distance.
It had been a chilly night but nothing compared to a couple of months ago.
The noise of the shooting party helped get me up, 7am! oh what joy, the morning was bright and I needed the loo!
No one was up, no where to go, so off me and willow trundled, toilet roll in hand back down the track and out of sight - or so I thought!
In full flow was I when a man walking his dog popped on by!
He promptly turned around and waited for me to finish but i could do nothing for laughing and the only thought that popped into my head was " does my bum look big from where you are?!" and entered more fits of giggles.
I quickly arose and raced down the track and back to the tent with visions of the poor bloke seemingly not amused!
After packing we went back to the track and followed it, in the opposite direction of the toilet incident!
The morning had started bright but now it had begun to cloud over and was getting chilly.
The route we followed was flat and not hilly.
Hull was only 9 miles away and I had no accommodation so again I would be taking pot luck on where I would be staying, which didn`t bother me, a little apprehensive maybe.
The wooded trees eventually gave way to lush green fields and with hardly a soul about, it was a quiet affair.
We met a farmer and his dog and walked with him awhile towards his farm, talking he was pleasant and it was nice company.
The track eventually gave way to busy main roads and built up areas, we were on the outskirts of Hull, then began our problems..........
We saw a signpost showing the direction of the trans pennine route and followed that, then came across 3 others all pointing in different directions! which one , toss of the coin I think! eventually I asked a local car dealer and he pointed me in the right direction. We headed for the deep.
Hull was a busy bustling place and where we were headed it was new and quite a bit in new development , it had (like so many towns and cities) been developed and the old demolished and new bought in, though not always for the better.
I met a young man called Stewart, who had been living rough for a while. He had lost his home and made no excuse for his life and was now living under bushes and through his bottle of cider, blurred and confused he wanted more out of his life.
He was friendly and shook my hand and left.
We talked for a good 20 minutes, but how many people apart from those t shelter, The Salvation Army and other groups would talk to this man?
How many would see him as a person and not as he is now, scruffy?
Many have probably passed him by, called him an alcy, thought him a layabout and probably up to no good.
Me? I saw bits and pieces of me in him and I saw him as a person and beyond his alcohol, which is why he shook my hand, I took time for him and gave him some of my time, would you?
I was struggling again, the pack was heavy to start, but it was proving to be a severe discomfort, but I hadn`t found anywhere to stay just yet.
Willow and myself carried on the slow painful walk! passing the deep and watching as dusk was fast approaching. We walked across the rooftops at hull harbour and we passed a man walking his dog and he turned around and walked with us, I was glad of some company and he offered to carry my pack! I thanked him but if I`m struggling I wouldn`t like to think what it would do to him!
We chatted for a good hour about anything, he told me about the new developments and how it was killing of the town centre, something alot of places know about, big massive centres overtaking the small communities that once thrived, I hate these big massive stores.
We bade our goodbyes and he wished us luck and it was not long before we had left the hub of hull and were heading towards the humber bridge, just visible in the distance some 5 mile away.
We came across some fishermen when one asked if I`d like a cup of tea, I was delighted!
It gave me a good opportunity to put my pack down and boy was I glad and Willow enjoyed the welcome break!
Here was I in the middle of Hull about 3 mile from the humber bridge drinking tea with fishermen I had never met, I came as a stranger but we parted as friends and they gave me helpful advice.
It was now 7pm and very dark, I had to find somewhere to stay and quickly, eventually we came across a small grassed area near some big posh buildings over looking the river and in the distance flashing lights of the humber bridge.

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