Friday, 1 January 2010

Hull to Bakewell

It had rained some of the night, but that was not what woke us.
Someone was walking around the building behind our tent and it sounded like they were cleaning the windows - at 6am and still dark? well it was monday morning and anything was possible.

I think both me and Willow were still aching from yesterdays long although Willow rolled around and you wouldn`t have thought so!
Daylight brought a new look to where we were.

The river was still and we could see the humber bridge still a good few mile away and occasionally you could see the odd truck going over.
People began coming to work, I didn`t want to hang around so I packed quickly and we headed off, hopefully we`ll be able to get a cup of tea somewhere.
Just after 8am and the river we followed was fast flowing but quiet and followed it all the way to the humber bridge and beyond.

I let Willow off her lead which she was overjoyed and went to the nearest stick, expecting me to throw it for her! I couldn`t bend down, let alone throw it! But, I did make an attempt and promptly got myself stuck! another bottom in the air moment! Luckily there was a table and chairs and promptly supported myself upon it, Oh what a sight!
"Sorry Willow, but I won`t be throwing anything for a while" I said to her, she looked a little disappointed but she knew and didn`t pick up a stick again!
The track that had led us here had again been wooded but now gave way to an old stony railway line, ouch!
Heading up a small incline, we came to the dreaded style, one designed to stop quad bikes, not rucksacks! Bloody hell! Well, I couldn`t get through it, I tried going sideways, sliding a little way down the pole (no, no way!) bending my knees and forcing myself through..... no, ooops i`m stuck! Willow looked at me amusingly realising I had gotten into a position which was cumbersome! Tail wagging, she began barking. Was she trying to urge me through or was it going to be a lassie style rescue "what your mothers stuck between a couple of poles?!" I could imagine it now! No, she thought it was a game and ran through with ease which caused a little more flustering on my part that I shot up from my position and out of trouble, thankyou Willow! Now that that was over I decided on the throw myself over the fence mode, which I did do and it was no more easier!

In the distance was North Ferriby and Welton, the fields and woodland surrounding the area was lovely and behind Hull was bustling.
One day I`ll redo the whole route and with less weight in my rucksack.
I met a woman walking Her dogs who stopped and chatted as I found a seat to sit on.
We got up and headed towards her car and I continued on my journey.
I made a decision, the wrong one............

I knew we had to get to Brantingham, so I went off the beaten track, following signs that would take a couple of mile off our journey - or so I thought! After following a nice woodland walk following the signs we came to an abrupt end, the route had been closed of, No way! I was not amused. we carried on around the area and eventually came to a road, Beverly left and Melton right and straight on was the Wolds way, okay, which way now?
Somehow we had to get back and pick up the trail, so I retraced our steps and followed a not so busy road that would take us down to Elloughton, just as dusk and fog began to set in.
After a couple of mile we came across a farm and spoke to the lady there and asked if there was somewhere I could put my tent up for the night, She let us stay in a field of which I was very thankful. The ladies name was Pam, thankyou Pam.
We rose a little later this morning, thankful of a good nights rest and as were covering 10 mile a day, it doesn`t sound a lot, but it was taking its toll on me, my back learning to cope with the challenges of the weight and my legs struggling but never giving way.

The human body possesses something I don`t understand, it goes through hell and keeps going, I guess we put ourselves through challenges and we keep ourselves going somehow, our own resolve called into question but somehow with determination we keep going.
Pam asked us down for breakfast, which was lovely and we had a nice chat and she was able to put me in the right direction.
Pams instructions were brilliant! she got me back on the correct route and eventually came to village called Ellerker. It was like travelling back in time, the only things out of place were the cars. Old buildings jutted through buttresses and a sign on the village hall gave a detailed history of Ellerker`s past and its buildings.

Through Ellerker we headed for Broomfleet, crossing over railway lines and walking alongside fields that were waterlogged from the winters weather but the sun was now beating down and the mood of the walk seemed to have lifted as the day got unbelievably warmer, I couldn`t believe how far we had come.
Through Broomfleet and eventually onto Blacktoft, there was lovely pub there called the hope and anchor (and believe me it was!) where we could get food and stay, but before we reached Blacktoft we passed Faxfleet, which was once a busy little Port, but now like so many old ports relied on the tourism industry and then we reached Blacktoft.

The Hope and Anchor pub was set just of the river where the river Humber met the river Ouse.
After a lovely meal and as dusk was approaching we watched the river a couple of large barges heading down towards hull, zigzagging along the bends slowly.

Boats did once go to Selby but the ships were causing severe bank erosion so now they only go as far as Goole.
I decided that we wouldn`t do any walking tomorrow, a day of rest and have a look around.

There was no rush this morning, it was 25th Febraury 2009, a pleasant morning was in prospect and I put my wind up little radio on, whoever invented them, a brilliant idea!
Terry Wogan giving us his Janet and John stories, what could be better and it certainly gave me great amusement and I certainly couldn`t stop laughing! I shall look forward to tomorrows instalment!
Unfortunately there was no-where we could shower, good job for the wet wipes, "we shall b&b it friday" I said to Willow, who seemed to wag her tail in acknowledgement of a prospect of a proper bed!
I checked over my feet, there were blisters on my blisters and my boots looked in a sorry state, coming apart - already? The socks I had were supposed to be a tousand mile socks, but I hadn`t completed a thousand miles - yet just 65! But they had had it, holes right through!

We walked to the local church that was open for visitors and the gentleman there told me that Blacktoft was once a hustle and bustle of people coming and going and how the Romans had built bridges further west of the Ouse and the land going inland was once marsh and local landowners used to hire guides so people could go through safely.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

26th February 2009

There was no rush again this morning, listened to Terry Wogan and the Janet and John story, well that was it, set up for the day!
We headed off following The Ouse, passing Yokefleet and Saltmarshe and passed witty signs....

Nice to know people had a sense of humour!

The walk was flat and comfortable, following the river Ouse and watching the occassional boat meandering along it, then a big massive BANG! I hit the deck and Willow cowered by me, where was the shooting party, they had just shot at us! After hauling myself up and Willow looking at me expectantly I saw the shooting party- a tube attached to a gas bottle on a timer! Clever idea to keep the birds away from crops and scare any walkers not expecting it! with a chuckle I dusted myself down and Willow sensing no danger and my obvious amusement wagged her tail furiously and preceeded to dart around the fields playfully!
We headed towards a village called Skelton and walked across the tops of the embankments that acted as a barrier against the rising waters, passing a few signs inland which made me think that although it was pleasant now the water could be a raging torrent with persistent rain.
In the distance I could see the bridge for the M62 and we were heading back towards the river.
We met a couple who told me you could see Selby Abbey before we got there, but at the present time all I could see were massive cooling towers infront.
It was time to stop for the night, the rest of the journey we would carry ion tomorrow and the B&B - hopefully, I was looking forward to it!

The night was not a cold one and the cooling towers seemingly larger than life this morning!
We carried on our journey passing Bamber on the Marsh and eventually into Selby.
I had decided on not travelling too far today, we had done 7 miles today, with nothing to write about, which was a little disappointing!
After locating Selby`s tourist information, I asked if there was anywhere we could stay, no came the answer, we would have to travel another 5 miles the wrong way or carry onto chesterfield, bypassing Sheffield and Doncaster.
Well, my decision was made we took the train to Chesterfield and its crooked spire.
We found a lovely b&b there called the Acorn and stayed a couple more days to recuperate properly.

28th february 2009

The b&b was spacious and a lovely old building with several floors, beautifully decorated and not too far from Chesterfield city centre.
With my back not too good and heavy swollen knees and ankles and a limp (more of a shuffle) that would slow me down I wasn`t going far - not today.
We walked into Chesterfield with its wonderful old buildings, black and white oak beams decorating the buildings and a huge market seemingly covering every part of the town.
After a lovely couple of days at the B&B, it was time to move on and we would be going to Bakewell today.

We caught a bus to Bakewell and I had forgotten what it had looked like, again 27 years had changed the place - although not much.
The town and its little market was wonderful and so too were the views and the iconic bridge

The bridges and the countryside, still thriving and the old town still tall and proud and the Bakewell Tart is to die for!
I recommend you pop to Bakewell and try some of its delicious recipes!

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