Thursday, 2 May 2013

Beginning Of A Difficult Topic

Having been a carer, I have seen the best and worst in people, even ourselves, so when I first became one, I wasn`t sure what to expect, we all go into a job thinking we know it, but we don`t and are somewhat blinkered, believing things we have done is the norm and correct.
So, when the CQC first came to the place I worked at, I thought whats going on, we`ve not done anything wrong - have we?
It wasn`t until I found out someone who knew the rules more than those who had done the job for 20 years that suddenly questions grew and I no longer new, or lacked the instinct, of what I was doing.
I had only been in the job 4 months and suddenly I was questioning myself.
Had I done everything right?
Which direction do I take?
What is right and what is wrong?
When I saw the colleague who had whistleblown, I wasn`t sure what to do, but I heard others berating that person for doing what was best, suddenly I felt embarrassed because of their attitude towards that person, it was then that I decided to see what the outcome of the CQC report was and how much would change and the people within.
I kept records of incidents etc for the following 2 years, keeping "secret diaries" so to speak.
I wanted to make sure that what happened to this person would not be repeated, but it was, several times.......
As this is quite a long article, it will take several pages, but no names or places will be published to protect those that are continuing to do the work I have started, as for myself, like I said before I have a conscience and people have a right to know.
I care, like the thousands of others that do to.
The following Articles are about understanding and making people aware of what to look for when checking places out, even people, if necessary and that generally the places and its people are fantastic, doing a job, which at times stretches the most caring of people to breaking point, making split second decisions that can mean the difference between life/death, violence and diplomacy etc, 
These writings will take time to write, so bare with me, it is not the easiest of articles to write and to write them well and see both sides takes time, it cannot be seen as one sided, that is not the way I write.

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