Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Walk Round The Wrekin

Set in the heart of Shropshire is The Wrekin a Hill with many a tall tale to tell! In Shropshire it is one of the tallest hills around with magnificent views of the Malvern Hills and areas of Shropshire, but to get there can be challenging as there is a steady uphill climb.
There is also a folk tale of two feueding giants who are said to have had a fight with one crashing down the hill and whose groans can still be heard to this day!
 Having parked the car on the side of the road (the car park is small and generally full) we made our way onto the road/track that would take us to the top.
 This signpost, which is just passed a good cafe place which is run by the local farmer, actually says this way and that way!
Nearing the top the views beginning to reveal itself.
 The notice board telling you about life on the Wrekin and the importance it once played as a hill fort.
Near the top is this unusual circular dome of place and how far they are from the Wrekin.
 The top, the triangulation pillar. And below one of the views await you, but you`ll have to see for yourself when you visit!

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