Wednesday, 8 June 2011


A short while ago I did a post on a walk to Stamford and one of the places we went through was Easton on the Hill.

The small village at the time was battling against corporate big wigs wanting to transport Radioactive waste through the village.

Well sadly, the radioactive waste does look like it will be passing through this quiet village to be dumped at a landfill site "not too far away"

My belief is that the government has gotten involved with this debate as council officers believe it will "benefit the local community and enhance the local workforce"

Hmmmmmm, where?

Although debates are still on-going, the outcome which sould have been known by 26th may, will rage on for a little while longer whilst council officials, locals and governing bodies decide when the first vehicles will pass through and so the final outcome endeth.
Meanwhile Easton on the Hill still thrives regardless of this major dilemma facing them.

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