Sunday, 12 June 2011

Succulent Fruit and Fields of Poppies

 Before I start this post  I wanted to say thankyou to those who e-mailed and commented on the post "The good, the bad and the ugly of the train journey south" 
I would like to thank Mary Crook for getting in touch, it was a privilege to be on your Dad`s train.
To others who have asked, no, I have not got my bike back yet, but a short holiday to Inverness is on the cards next month.  

It is that time of season when the fruits are in abundance and it is time for them to be picked.
Strawberries and Raspberries in loads of rows hang tantalisingly from there plants and trees.
With 5:30 starts, our small team have plenty to pick to get ready for the local shops and public houses to be stocked, the punnets are bursting with fresh, succulent fruit, all of which make for fantastic summer puddings and compots, to fruit drinks and add ons to Pimms.
With ice cream to whipped cream or just dribbly cream to float over the top, you can eat as many as you like, though not too many!
So why not go and buy some already picked fruit or go and pick your own!

 The farm shops are stacked full of goodies, so pop along and try something different.
From the fruit farm, take a look around, is it full of fields and bright with colour or are there trees blocking the view?
 Go for a walk and enjoy what the countryside has to offer, nature is full of surprises and enjoyment and colour.
Poppies are now in full show, making green fields velvet red, there is plenty to be explored and many picnics to be had, hope you all have a good summer, whatever you do.
Me? In between strawberry picking and looking after people, I`m going on a couple of Jayz`s walks  and explore the Cumbrian area once more......

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  1. Lovely post full of colour. Farm shops seem so appealing with their produce.
    This post also reminds me of staying in a caravan with a couple of friends on a fruit farm in Blairgowrie... marvellous experience.
    Sorry to hear about your bike, I hope your summer is a good one. Enjoy the walking, I'm off to Ambleside at the end of July for a solo walking week for a mixture of strenuousness & relaxation !