Friday, 28 June 2013

Ghostbusting? I didn`t realise I was!

We have all taken photographs over the years and never realise that occasionally we capture something that we knew was not there - basically unexplained.
So when I took something recently (in broad daylight too) I decided to get some form of verification of what I had taken, then someone decided to go through my photos to see if there was anything else, something I wouldn`t even think about looking at twice!
Not only was I surprised but I was somewhat taken aback.
I know that spirits are all around us, many watching what we do and "preventing" us from making mistakes.
We`ve all heard stories of individuals who have not gone somewhere because of a "feeling" or an uneasiness in a situation, well, maybe some of that can be interpreted as "friends" helping us out.
I`ve always believed that someone is looking out for us, no matter how bad we are, and trying to help us, sometimes we take heed, other times we ignore it as stupidity and carry on, only to find something nasty happens.
I`ve decided to share just a few of what I have taken - you maybe surprised...

We recently went to a place (which is last post) and found a white mist.
Upon blowing the photograph up and getting as good as an image as we could, this is what came up.
We believe it to be a young girl and possibly a lady, but I`m afraid, without going through other bodies, we cannot get a clearer picture as the one above.

 The picture above was taken on my way to work one cold morning (5am) when I was walking the 7 miles to work. I was not aware of the mist until after I took the picture but thought nothing of, just thought cold air, frost, but then why wasn`t it on the others below?
However the one below does have a light anomeli to the left of the post by the hedge (known as an orb) a small round circle of light.

The photograph below also shows an "orb" to the left just above the hedgeline. Someone was looking after me that morning with the cold dark and snowy lanes, no one is ever truly alone.
These are all but four of the pictures I have, maybe in the future there will be more and well, while looking, but not looking (so to speak) we may all capture unexplained anomeli`s and there`s a story behind every one of them, we just don`t know who they are......

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