Saturday, 23 March 2013

Its Grand To Be Back!

After what seems to be an eternity away, I can honestly say it is good to be back.
My journey will continue with new friends in tow and a determined attitude to deliver some justice, where it has been eating me away for 6 months and has to be told.
I shall be giving that information freely, and very soon as a former carer, people need to know what has been going on and the need to voice an opinion is not going to be stifled, what happens to me is irrelevant, the needs of others must come first and if it goes to press, then I shall be pleased because it means other people have faced the same situation and had no one to turn to or have been afraid to take on the bureaucrats, slipping into the background for a quieter life.
There is a saying, Justice is worth fighting for and  people without a conscience will not give a damn about the consequences, I have a conscience and I do give a damn and I won`t be slipping quietly into the background.
I hope you`ll continue to come on my journey and if your in trouble, don`t hesitate to call on me, I`ll be there to back you.

But yes, alot has changed over the last year and majority of it good - surprisingly!

But where would we be without our ups and downs and our trivialities of life? They say life isn`t easy but it is a wondrous journey and at least in a blog you can write as little or as much as you wish!
I am, however, still having a few issues with my photos, but as soon as i`ve sussed it, I shall endeavour to post a whole new lot on, so all in all, nice to return!!

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  1. Nice to see you are posting again whatever your mixed circumstances (reading between the lines). Looking forward to hearing what you have to say as I am dealing with carers but as a relative.

    I'm a bit spasmodic myself on blogger for a few reasons but hope to be publishing more frequently by this time next month.