Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Gentle Beginning.....

After an untimely rest and the middle a spreading,
It was time to get out and start the shedding!
With Willow in tow, and leading the way
We headed out on a glorious winters day....
They were paths we had previously taken
Five miles of hard breathing and shaking!
As Willow strolled without a care in the world,
I observed with eyes pleasantly open,
remembering why I had enjoyed the many fields and undiscovered paths,
Where had I been this winters last?
Sadly not well, that is true,
My body recovering from winter blues,
But now the time for recovery and healing,
With faithful friend following and feeling.
If I am slow, She does not stray, 
But watches and waits come what may.
She gently nudges her nose at my body pushing me on,
Willing me to play and make the journey home.
But I won`t let her down, it is good to get out,
I walk gingerly, there is no doubt,
But with faithful by my side
I no another year ahead with plenty of walking to be done,
I no i`ll get stronger and not feel sad,
Life is a journey and one to be had........


With some snow that has fallen,
It made for pleasant pictures 
And with the shadows of Willow and me doing our sand impression,
It made me smile and a good walk was complete.


  1. What a faithful little companion! Aren't they wonderful creatures!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Wonderful poetry and set of photos too.