Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Battle Proms, Burghley

Us Brits love a bit of pomp and circumstance!
The Battle Proms at Burghley House were phenomenal and fantastic to watch. 

The evenings entertainment began at 4:30pm in the large estate grounds where deer roam and views of this wonderful building light up with warmth and air of posterity that welcomes you!

The day began pleasantly with warm sunshine welcoming everyone and with large queues awaiting entrance, an air of anticipation was evident to those who had not been before and those that had.......
  It wasn`t long before people made their way onto the field with trolleys and hampers bristling to capacity as the cucumber sandwiches and the sounds of corks of  champagne bottles and the fizz of cans opening or cans bursting and flags from all walks of life took on a whole new meaning of country with pride and passion!
There is always something about the Proms that fills people with a sense of purpose and fulfilment, something I had not experienced - until now.

And the evening began gently enough with a Jazz Band and people in uniform walking round.......

But then, things would change as the proms would burst into life and a full cavalry charge ensued!
The magnificent horses and riders showing expertise of being one together and then something we had all been waiting for, the spitfire to music......

A storm slowly brewed and then the flash of lightening and a surge of thunder echoed across the sky and the torrential downpour that ensued us.
But we were not bothered!
After all, this is the uk and nothing could dampen the cucumber sandwiches or make our plonk flat!
And we were soon rewarded with the spitfire dancing across the sky, and it was being flown by a woman!

And as canon blasted and marksmen fired and the spitfire enthralled us with the loop the loop and other daredevil aerobatics, wow`s and ooo`s escaped the thousands that watched in awe......
The classical orchestra played magnificiently as indeed did its opera singer whose  voice I can only dream of having (instead of my z flat!)
And if that was not enough, we were treated to a wonderful red sky after the storm...............
It wasn`t long before the penultimate, 200 canon going of to the 1812 Overture that would ignite the nights sky and fireworks that seemed to go on and on..... Then songs of Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and many more would fill the night sky and the end of a wonderful evening.......
I can only apologise for a couple of my blurry photos, they were taken of my camcorder, so not to good, but will try and replace them with better ones later.

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