Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Having spent a few weeks poorly with pneumonia, it was nice to finally be out and about again and I have had a slight misshap with the camera, changing to black and white, something of a bygone era, but it can give some good and bad results!
Bridgnorth is about 15 miles from Wolverhampton and certainly has a character all of its own.
It dates back to around the 7th century and many of its early inhabitants lived in sand caves which are still evident today but are very unstable.
The River that flows through Bridgnorth and further into Shropshire is the Severn and is quite a formidable force when it is swollen! 
Bridgnorth has a high town and a Low town.
The Low town houses some lovely old buildings and going up the major steep hill to high town takes you to the old Market area, which every saturday without fail and even in the harshest of winters the market traders are out in force.
Bridgnorth also boasts its own carriage lift which comes with a full time job and a house! An old job with old traditions.
The Severn Valley Railway also goes through these parts and with the good scenery showing the sandstone cliffs and years of old time history, no wonder it is still a favourite with many visitors.
Its castle which has a bit of a lean to effect was featured on time team a couple of years ago, so there is more to look at than the photos suggest.....

 The Old Market building...

 Some of High Towns Old oak timbered buildings....

The Old Church and remnants of the castle ruins......

A Dedicated Monument.....

View from a bridge with the river severn flowing quietly along....

The Carraige lift can just be seen going up.......

Yes it is The Severn Valley Train going on by, but I think they were just testing it before the spring and summer jaunts!

You`ll enjoy Bridgnorth with plenty of places to go and visit and eat and drink, you are assured of a warm welcome, even on a frosty day!


  1. Sorry to hear that you have not been so well lately. It seems to have knocked a few people out I know in various circles.
    It's a good idea with all of these individual images for various reasons to try black and white. It's not something I do very often but I attempt it with certain silhouettes like the statue you photographed.
    I was planning on going to the SVR 18 months ago from Bristol but couldn't get accommodation thanks to the event taking place at the SVR. Consequently I still await my first visit to Bridgenorth.

  2. I'm also sorry to hear you've had pneumonia! That is not a fun way to spend the winter. You did some pretty nice photos of Bridgnorth. I love Shropshire, and I happen, coincidentally, to have an Ironbridge post coming up next Friday. Those 'black and white' buildings have such charm, don't they!

  3. Hi I just spotted your post on J-on-tour blog, I am from Bridgnorth, love the photos you have taken, we live in Telford now, but its not that far to go for a vist.
    George my dog has his own blog, each Saturday I do Saturday steps, on 22nd of Jan there a photo of him on the stone ways steps, Bridgnorth is full of them!! I will be doing a steps special from there soon
    Hope your feeling better
    Have a Good Week
    Jan George's Mom