Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Have A Banks`s!

A short while ago I wrote about Wolverhampton and visiting Banks`s Brewery.
Well, I`ve done just that..........

During the early 80`s it was alot smaller than it is now. Now it sells throughout the West Midlands though it has been brewed for over a hundred years, where it was once sold in casks is now in bottles or cans but you can still get the poured variety at your local and it has a great unique flavour to be savoured.

This is now the rear entrance to Banks`s. It was once a through road.

The brewery also sits on a former nursing institute.

 The signs are enticing........ 
Inside is the shop, but not only that you can have a tour of the brewery, buy the t-shirts and have a pint in the bar......
The original fireplace where on a cold day you can warm your hands....

You have only had a little glimpse, why not try the real thing, like I said before you won`t be disappointed!


  1. That will be on my list. Brewery signs and ale labels are among my favorites. I remember Old Speckled Hen and Old Peculiar as being two names that really drew our attention. :-)

  2. I amaze myself at how little I know of Wolverhampton. This seems like a historic place that has grown in recent years unlike Newcastle Brown Ale that has recently moved production to Tadcaster in ... Yorkshire. nice to see that there is a shop to draw additional people in. I like the picture above the fireplace.