Sunday, 24 October 2010

To Walk With Heroes

I am no hero, but some would say I am.
I have been to places beautiful and others full of intimidation and troubles, but life in the Armed Forces is never dull.
It is full of promise with a belief we are doing the right thing and protecting those more vulnerable than ourselves.
With rememberance sunday not far away, I think it poigniant to reflect on my own past and how it has been brought to the future, though not with the pride and passion I once had, but with a sadness and a vulnerability I could not have foreseen. 
I am proud to have served and been part of a unique and brave group of people, who have stories of their own to tell, but continue to be the true heroes continuing in places where I can no longer tread, although I am with them in heart
and mind.
The Forces help you learn a trade and a life skill unlike any other.
Pride and a sense of duty.
You learn about friendship and loyalty, trust....

International relationships and their way of life, even their language and cultures.

It also teaches you about play and fun.....

Doing something different....

Daring to venture to places cold and distant but a huge adventure!

To partake in sports that few will do and achieve and follow in the footsteps of Commonwealth or Olympic Champions.

To see and go to war zones Past....

And Present, learning.....

It doesn`t teach you about loss, feeling afraid or vulnerable, these you learn along the way.

It does teach you about never forgetting and a hope one day wars will not be fought out of anger or hate or religion and that compassion and an understanding will overcome all fears.

There are many memorials throughout the world, There are many names on them that we do not know but many more we do and we will remember and honour them on the 11th November.....

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