Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door

With many a standing stone showing you how far you have to go, you don`t mind the journey or the weathers too and fro.
We arrived in pouring rain and blustery winds, putting up the tent was a challenge and a pain!
but the next day was calmer and a sight to see, not a cloud in the sky or a stormy sea.
With Durdle Door infront, it was remarkable how, a perfect arch had been formed and it was true what people said, the sea is as blue as my brothers eyes, sparkling and bright and welcoming us down to its shore, we stood and stared in complete awe, even Willow looked, head up smelling new surrounds.
The white cliffs and purfect blue sea, you felt far away and not in the uk.
Following the tough walk up the hills and down the "mountainsides" we eventually came to Lulworth, though don`t bring your mobile phone, no reception here, peace and quiet is nearly all could be heard.
Lulworth Cove is a hive of activity, with plenty of places to stay and visit and why not try some of the local brew, piddle beer - very nice too!
But as your wandering along the cliffs take a step down and see an old forest that is fossilised but can be seen, the old stumps and hollow trunks look up at you.
Beware the firing range that does still work, though when the red flags flying stay out of the way, luckily no one was firing - not today.

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