Sunday, 21 February 2010

The walker and the rain

There are four types of walkers:

1) The dawdler - a person who wanders aimlessly not going anywhere (so it seems), not bothered where they are going and not taking too much interest in anything, walking seems to be an effort to them!

2) The bimbler (could also be called the ambler or rambler) - taking the journey in their stride looking for things of interest, taking plenty of rests too and enjoys a good meal and dedicated pint at the end!

3) The get up and off - the walker who wants to get to their destination in good time, though stopping infrequently to look at their surroundings, just to make sure their going the right way!

4) The Yomper - A fast paced walker (usually doing the pub to pub walk!) who won`t stop for anything!

Me? I`m the bimbler! I may not be fast in pace, but I like to keep plodding and looking around, you never know what you might miss!

There are also four types of Rain:

1) Drizzle - it is fine rain that proceeds to fall all day with no relenting and you seem to get horribly wet with it!

2) Foggy rain - can be heavy or drizzly and you can`t see far infront with the low cloud

3) Heavy rain - can come from any direction, though usually straight down and you can see it coming with big rolling clouds! (can also be called heavy downpours) this type of rain can be intermittent with short sharp showers!

4) Torrential - this type of rain can come from any direction and can be swept in with "squally" winds and can last days!

Whatever the walker or the weather, you can always enjoy a good walk anywhere, just carry the right equipment!

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